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Bathroom textile products are a category of useful and stylish products. Under this category, it is possible to find some textile products in your bathroom that are frequently used. Products such as Iraqi bathrobes and Iraqi bath towels are known as Iraqi bath linen products. Having a very important task in terms of health and hygiene, bathroom textile products have many varieties designed to meet different needs. Store Express is the right address to choose all the products you need from a wide range of original products from world-famous brands, with quality product assurance and affordable price guarantee!


Bathroom textile products are a category consisting of towels and bathrobes. Iraqi bathroom textile product models have many varieties with different characteristics.

Iraqi towel models differ in size. Hand towel models are generally square and small-sized products. Towel models, known as face towels, are rectangular products that can be used as hair towels and foot towels at the same time. Shower towels are rectangular products that can be used to dry the body after a shower. Today, Iraqi bathrobe models are preferred to use after showering. Bathrobes are protective products that help your body easily adapt to the ambient temperature after you get away from the shower temperature. Bathrobes, which also make drying easier thanks to their high moisture absorption capacity, can be worn practically. Bathrobes are distinguished from each other according to their model features and the materials they are produced from. Iraqi summer bathrobes are made of light materials, thin and generally short. Iraqi winter bathrobes are thicker and longer bathrobes. It is possible to find a hat in both winter and summer bathrobes.

The most common types of bathrobes are the Iraqi cotton bathrobes. Bathrobes made of cotton fabric, which is a quality fabric type that is compatible with skin health with its breathable structure and provides fast drying with its high moisture absorption capacity, are frequently preferred due to their soft texture. However, it is also possible to encounter synthetic bathrobes that stand out with their affordable prices. This type of bathrobes, which are made of polyester blended material, are suitable for summer use due to their thin structure, but they lag behind cotton bathrobes in terms of absorbency. Iraqi velvet bathrobes, which are especially preferred for use in winter, cannot perform well in terms of absorbency, but thanks to their thick structure, they prevent you from feeling cold after a shower in cold winter months. One of the most preferred types of bathrobes today is the Iraqi bamboo bathrobe models. Bamboo bathrobes, which are higher in price than other bathrobes, are generally recommended for people with allergic and sensitive skin. Bamboo bathrobes, which stand out with their anti-allergic and antibacterial properties and provide comfortable use due to their soft texture, are also preferred because of their high moisture absorption and fast protection properties.



Iraqi bathroom textile product sets, which are preferred especially by newlyweds or those who want to renew their bathroom products, as they are economical and provide all the products needed in one go, offer a customizable choice thanks to the number of pieces that vary according to your needs. It is possible to encounter single and double options in bathroom set types. Iraqi single bath sets are usually sets containing a towel and a bathrobe. Iraqi double bathroom sets, on the other hand, may contain two bathrobes and two towels, as well as a rich content consisting of different products such as slippers, additional towels in different sizes, hair brushes, washcloths and bath fibers.


As with all products, there are some points that you should consider before purchasing bathroom textile products. The first of these points is the type of product you want to buy. Although bath towels are a practical option to use after a shower, bathrobes are commonly preferred today because they are much easier and more comfortable to use. It is recommended that you consider the material from which the bathrobe is produced when choosing among the bathrobe varieties. The most preferred types of bathrobes are those made of cotton fabric, but for people with sensitive skin, bamboo bathrobes can also be a suitable option. The thickness of the bathrobe that you choose is also an important factor. The thickness of the robe determines the season in which the product can be used. The quality of the fabric will be an important factor in terms of absorbency, and it also determines the service life of the product. However, the length of the bathrobe you choose is also an important factor. You can choose the model that suits you among the short, medium or long bathrobes. The size of the robe you choose is also an important factor. It is recommended to choose a bathrobe one size larger than your own size for the most comfortable use. The presence of a hood in the bathrobe you choose is another factor that provides ease of use.

You can also choose bathroom sets if you want to easily complete your needs for bathroom textile products and get products that are compatible with each other. When choosing a bathroom set, you need to consider the set content.


Iraqi bathroom textile product brands can be listed as Cotton Rose with its wide range of options, Güldestan with its designs suitable for all tastes, Nurpak, which stands out with its wide range of bathroom textile product sets, Philippus with its functional usage features, and Rose Pink with different product options. Follow Store Express to choose all the products you need from a wide range of original products of world-famous brands and easily obtain them!


Iraqi bathroom textile product prices may vary according to the brand, model and features of the product you choose. Follow Store Express to be aware of the campaigns and to choose all the products you need from a wide range of original products from world-famous brands and get them at affordable prices!



There are many question marks in the minds of people who want to choose the best among the colorful towel types that can be used for various purposes and come in different sizes. The definition of the best towel will vary according to your intended use and area. In bath towels, 100% cotton towels are the best type of towel because they provide long-lasting use. Bamboo towels, which stand out with their antibacterial and anti-allergic properties, are the right choice for hand and face towels. Microfiber towels with high absorbency can be preferred as hair towels.


Hand towels and face towels, which are two types of towels that are preferred especially in bathrooms, are very important products in terms of skin health and hygiene. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of these towels. A good hand towel or face towel should be soft-textured so as not to damage the skin. However, for high performance, it should be fast and strong absorbent. For long-lasting use, it is recommended to choose 100% cotton woven towels. However, tightly woven, long pile towels should be preferred. It is not recommended to prefer face towels with details such as embroideries, sequins, and glitter, as they may damage the skin.


Bathrobes, which stand out among bathroom textile products with their ease of use and functionality, can be produced from various materials with different properties. The most preferred bathrobe fabric is cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is a suitable fabric for bathrobes with its soft texture, fast absorbing feature and breathing structure. However, it is recommended to use anti-bacterial and anti-allergic bamboo bathrobes for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Although polyester bathrobes are frequently preferred due to their affordable prices, they lag behind the other two types of bathrobes in terms of absorbency.


Cotton fabric and bamboo fabric are the two most frequently used materials in bathroom textiles. Today, it is quite natural for people who are thinking of purchasing bathroom textile products to have the question of whether cotton towel or bamboo towel is better. Cotton towels are products that stand out with their soft textures, durable structures that allow long-lasting use and high absorbency. For this reason, cotton towels will be the right choice. However, bamboo towels are a more suitable choice for sensitive and allergic skin, because bamboo fabrics show anti-allergic and antibacterial properties.

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