Earthquake Help
The Turkish Red Crescent will collect the aid of individuals and organizations in the Islamic Development Bank who are willing to provide donations and in-kind assistance to the areas affected by the devastating earthquake disaster in Turkey, which caused damage to a wide area, and it will be delivered to Turkey.

It is important to prioritize items that are easy to transport and urgently needed by the region, such as winter clothes, blankets, sleeping bags and durable canned foods in in-kind aid. It is expected that the materials that fall within the scope of in-kind aid have not been used before, and in order to ensure that the aid is dispatched without delay, it is requested that the said materials be delivered already packed.

In this context, those who want to help can send aid materials to Erbil.
It can be delivered to Kizilay Warehouse located in "Guwer Road, Warehouse District".

For contact information and detailed information, the Turkish Red Crescent branch in Erbil can be reached at +964 751 224 8191 and the emergency line at our Consulate General can be reached at +964 750 921 5677.

Individuals and organizations who wish to donate cash to areas will be able to donate from the official websites of AFAD, the Red Crescent, and the Directorate of Religious Affairs listed below.

Turkish Red Crescent

Türk Kızılay | Pazarcık Depremi Bağışı | Bağış Yap (kizilay.org.tr)

Presidency of Disaster and Emergency Management

Deprem Bağış Hesapları (afad.gov.tr)

Turkish Religious Endowment

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Turkish Consulate General in Erbil
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