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The first step you will take when starting to create your make-up look, where you will express your creativity, will be to do your skin make-up. Skin make-up creates a basis for other make-up applications. Skin make-up, which has a great effect on the general appearance of the skin; It consists of covering imperfections, preparing a clean and perfect base for make-up, sizing and warming the face. Store Express is the right address to choose all the products you need for your perfect make-up look from a wide range of original products of world-famous brands, with quality product assurance and reasonable price guarantee!


Iraqi foundation types are skin make-up products that are applied to the skin surface and help to prepare the basis of make-up. Iraqi foundation models are divided according to the structure of foundations. Iraqi liquid foundation types are very practical in terms of use and their coverage levels vary according to the characteristics of the products. Iraqi stick foundation types are practical in terms of application and are quite high in terms of coverage. Iraqi cream foundation varieties , Iraqi foam foundation varieties and Iraqi powder foundation varieties are other preferred foundation models.

When choosing a foundation, you should pay attention to the form of the foundation, the level of coverage, the type of finish and color tone. While matte-finish foundations are generally the right choice for night makeup, glossy-finish foundations help to gain a more natural and lively look. Foundations with high coverage are also suitable for night makeup, while foundations with medium and low coverage are natural looking products ideal for daily use.


different concealer types , which help to make pinpoint application on the imperfections . Concealers are used to cover redness and bruises and to eliminate color inequalities and provide an even complexion. Iraqi liquid concealer types are applied by applying with the help of sponge brushes. This type of concealer, which can be easily applied to acne scars and redness, provides practical application. Iraqi stick concealer types are also among the ideal products for practical and intensive application. Iraqi cream concealer varieties , on the other hand, are high-coverage products that are preferred by people with intense under-eye problems.


The products that are effective in keeping the skin products fixed throughout the day and increasing their permanence, which you apply meticulously to create a perfect base for your make-up, are the Iraqi powder types . Powders prevent creamy and liquid products from moving during the day and filling into expression lines. At the same time, powders are ideal for fixing other applied products and completing make-up. Iraqi pressed powder types are among the preferred products because they provide extra coverage. Iraqi powder powder varieties are preferred to refresh the make-up. A small amount of powder powder applied to the shining areas allows the make-up to be perfect again. Iraqi transparent powder types only fix the make-up, they do not have the function of providing extra coverage on the products.




Among the products that add color to the make-up and warm the skin, there are also Iraqi blush varieties. Blush adds vitality to the face by applying it to various areas of the face. Iraqi blush models, which can be used in all seasons and also serve to add dimension to the face, are divided into various groups according to their forms. Iraqi liquid blush varieties are among the most preferred blush varieties, as they have a density that can be increased in terms of application and provide a natural finish. Iraqi cream blush varieties are also ideal for daily make-up with their natural look. Cream blush types, which are quite permanent, also provide practical application. Iraqi powder blush varieties are also among the frequently preferred blush varieties. Powder blushes appeal to all tastes with their wide range of colors and glittering options.


Another product that helps to resize the face and adds warmth to the make-up is the Iraqi bronzer varieties. Bronzer products, which are used to shade the low areas of the face and emphasize the facial features, are usually brown-toned products. Iraqi liquid bronzer types, Iraqi stick bronzer types and Iraqi powder bronzer types are the most preferred bronzer models. These products, which are easily applied and distributed, are preferred to highlight the facial features.


Another product used to resize the face is the radiant illuminator varieties. The illuminator varieties that can be used to add shine to the headlights, to emphasize the blush and to give the skin a healthy appearance is used to emphasize the high areas of the face. Iraqi liquid illuminators stand out because they can be applied to the body and give intense shine. Iraqi stick illuminators are ideal for practical applications and daily make-ups with a natural finish. Iraqi powder illuminators are frequently preferred due to their functional use.


Iraqi make-up fixers to keep your wonderful make-up look that you have created with a lot of effort on your skin as flawless as the first time you apply it, despite all the negative factors! Iraq make-up fixer sprays, which fix the make-up products applied on the skin to the skin and increase the permanence of the products, also help to give a more natural effect to the make-up by reducing the fragmented and powdery appearance. Make-up fixers, which help refresh the skin and awaken your senses with their invigorating scent, can also be used to moisturize make-up sponges and brushes.


The prices of make-up products from Iraq vary according to the brand and features of the product you choose. Follow Store Express to be informed about the campaigns and to choose the products you need from a wide range of original products of world-famous brands and get them at affordable prices!



The main purpose of make-up applications is to emphasize the existing beauty by reducing the appearance of imperfections on the skin. The most effective product in reducing the appearance of imperfections is concealer types. Concealers; It helps to remove color inequalities, hide under-eye bruises, and close acne and pore appearances. You can gain an even and healthy appearance with the help of concealers to make your skin look flawless.


Blush is one of the make-up materials used to size the face and make the make-up natural. Which parts of the face the blush will be applied to is among the topics that are curious. For a correct application, the blush should be applied to the cheek parts that go up when smiling, that is, to the upper part of the cheek. Blush can also be applied to the temples, the tip of the nose, and the cheeks near the nose to warm up the skin tone.


Perfect makeup applications are known as applications where the makeup products used look natural. Liquid-form products can fill into the lines during the day, swell and fall off, or the make-up products used can be erased and lose their permanence. Powder is used to fix and perpetuate make-up products. Powder, especially liquid form make-up materials; It prevents foundation and concealers from playing and filling into lines. In addition, it is possible to fix and perpetuate other applied make-up materials with the help of powder.


One of the make-up materials used to resize the face and make the make-up more striking is the illuminators. Illuminators are used to define and emphasize the upper contours of the face. It is recommended to apply illuminator on the temples, hair roots, on the nasal bone, in the middle of the chin, on the upper lip and especially on the cheekbones. In this way, facial features are highlighted and make-up is sized.


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