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Even though the activities we do during the day and the way we spend time are different from each other, the importance of iraq headphones, which is one of the technological tools we always have with us, never changes. Headphones that make journeys enjoyable, increase the quality of our gaming experience, make us feel comfortable even in noisy environments and liberate us in any environment; it has many models that vary according to different usage patterns and purposes. The right address for iraq headphone models that will meet your needs and provide pleasant use is Store Express!


Iraq earphone types are separated from each other according to the working principle of the earphones. For a long time, the most commonly used types of headphones are iraq wired headphones. Wired headphones can be connected to phones, tablets and computers with the help of an input called a “jack” and transmit audio data from these source devices via a cable. Wired headphones, whose sound quality and frequency ranges may vary depending on the brand and features of the headphones; have largely left their place in daily use to wireless headphones. Iraq wireless headphones use radio waves or infrared waves to transmit sound waves. Therefore, there is no need to connect the headphone to the source device with a cable. This type of headphones, which does not cause movement restriction and helps to use the headphone freely; they are usually sold with their own charging unit.


Headphone models are basically divided into in-ear headphones, which make it easy to carry and use with their small size, and on-ear headphones, which are seen as an accessory today and satisfy music lovers with their high sound quality. Some models of iraq in-ear headphones adapt directly to the ear canal thanks to their silicone tips and offer a better listening experience. Other models are used by sitting in the ear. Iraq on-ear headphones stand out with their striking and stylish appearance during use. Over-ear headphones, which can be used for many purposes such as listening to music and watching various content in daily use, are also known as iraq headphone models. Iraq gaming headphones stand out with the high sound quality they provide. The microphone features of this type of headphones, which are very sensitive and offer many usage modes, are also very high quality. On the other hand, iraq phone headphone models are known for their built-in key system, which allows you to answer and end calls to your phone practically and without distraction on the road, especially while driving.


Iraq headphone brands are the leading brands in the world in terms of technological devices. Many brands that stand out and are known for their smart phone varieties also stand out with their quality earphone models. Original and high quality products of famous brands such as Apple, Google and Samsung are at Store Express with affordable prices and a wide range of models!


Prices of iraq headphones will vary depending on the brand, model and features of the headphone you choose. Follow Store Express to be informed about the campaigns and to have the original products of world-famous brands at discounted prices that fit your budget!



Headphones are one of the most frequently used technological devices by everyone, regardless of age. Headphone types are differentiated from each other according to their usage patterns and headphone features. It is possible to say that the types of headphones are basically divided into wired headphones that transmit sound through a cable, and wireless headphones that use radio waves or infrared waves to transmit sound. Headphone models, on the other hand, are divided into smaller-sized in-ear headphones, which are used directly in the headphones, and larger-sized on-ear headphones, which have an overhead connection.


There are many types of wired headphones with different uses and purposes. The first of these are wired headphones, which have been preferred for many years. Wireless headphones, which have become increasingly popular lately and provide functional use, are another type of headphones. If we look at the earphone models, the first earphones we come across are in-ear earphones, which are more advantageous for use with phones and music players, and stand out with their small size and practical use. On-ear headphones, on the other hand, are generally distinguished by their higher sound quality and their ability to block out ambient sound. Among the wired and wireless headphones, there are also gaming headphones, which have become increasingly popular lately and are equipped with various features and are compatible with the intended use of many people. Wired telephone headphones, which have a built-in keypad for answering and ending incoming calls, are also frequently preferred due to their functional usage features.


People who will choose among the types of headphones with various models and ways of use are wondering which type of headphones is more useful. The answer to this question varies according to the purpose of use, usage patterns and expectations of the headphones. If you have a very active lifestyle, if you want to continue listening to music or watching your favorite content while exercising or working; wireless headphonemodels will be more useful options for you. If the sensitivity and sound quality of the headphone is important to you and you plan to use a microphone, gaming headphones will be an advantageous choice.


The first point you should consider when choosing a headphone is to decide whether you will choose a wired headphone or a wireless headphone for more advantageous use. Then you need to choose the model that best suits your needs and style among in-ear and over-ear headphones. Technical features such as the sound quality, frequency value, noise canceling feature of the headphone are also among the factors that affect your headphone selection.

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