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Sport is one of the most effective ways to relax and relieve the stress of everyday life. There are many sports that can be practiced as much as city life and daily work allow. Undoubtedly, the most preferred of these sports is running. Running is a sport that has many positive effects on physical and mental health and can be practiced in a very practical way as it does not require equipment. There is also the possibility of various accidents while running, such as ankle sprains and strains. In order to minimize these possibilities and to protect the health of the feet, Iraqi running shoes models can be preferred to be worn while running. Store Express offers you the original running shoes of the world's giant brands with dozens of models for every taste and a wide range of prices for every budget!


The basic principle of running is based on training the leg muscles. This can sometimes place excessive strain on the soles of the feet, heels and ankles. Foot and ankle injuries during running are among the possible injury risks. Iraqi comfortable running shoe models are designed to minimize these injury risks. Running shoes have two prominent features: highly shock-absorbing soles and an orthopedic design that supports the foot in all the right places. The soles of running shoes have shock-absorbing cushions. These cushions prevent excessive load on the sole of the foot during running, while at the same time aiming not to tire the foot to allow you to do sports activities for long periods of time. Another function of these cushions is to stabilize the stride. Step balance is a very important factor to minimize the possibility of ankle sprains or falls due to loss of balance. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that one of the main features of northern Iraq running shoe models is the balance factor. Running shoes also have some significant structural differences compared to standard sneakers. Thanks to the features called Achilles notch, running shoes that support the Achilles tendon at the right points aim to prevent serious injuries that may occur. Therefore, it can be said that running shoes have a structure that integrates with your foot to maximize your sports experience.


Iraqi running shoes models Iraqi walking shoes models also appear in front of people who want to choose between running shoes models. Therefore, the differences between running shoes and walking shoes are also a matter of curiosity. Walking and running activities have several differences in principle. While the comfort of the foot is a very important factor when walking, the safety factor is also important in running shoes. The first obvious difference between walking shoes and running shoes is the flexibility of the shoe. Walking shoes are usually made of soft materials that can easily take the shape of the foot, while running shoes have molds made of harder materials to ensure stride stability and retain their shape. Another difference between walking shoes and running shoes is the fit. The front parts of walking shoes are designed with a wider structure and space to allow the toes to move freely. In running shoes, on the other hand, since there is a structure that fully grips and wraps the foot, this gap is absent and the front part is narrower. The soles of walking shoes also have different characteristics than running shoes. Hiking shoes have a sole that is specifically designed to fully distribute the weight. In running shoes, the toes, the middle part of the foot and the heel are supported in different proportions and the most prominent feature about the sole of the shoe is the high ground retention. Therefore, the use of walking shoes in running activities will not be orthopedically correct and may bring various injury risks.


Iraqi men's running shoes models have similar mold and design features. You can safely choose among the best Iraqi running shoes models with special shock-absorbing soles and fully gripping molds designed to properly support the foot structure and step balance during running. In Iraqi running training shoes models, there are models with standard sole height as well as models with high soles. You can choose the models with these two sole features according to your taste and foot health. Although running shoes usually have mesh designs in certain areas, it is also possible to encounter all-leather running shoes. Although white is the most preferred color in North Iraqi men's running shoes models, it is also possible to find running shoes in many different colors from black to red.


Iraqi running shoes prices will vary according to the brand of the shoe you choose and the material it is made of. If you want the shoe that most appeals to your taste among the stylish and comfortable men's running shoes models of six world giant brands to fit your budget, Store Express is the right address!


If you want to be informed about the campaigns to find the most suitable running shoes for your taste and budget among dozens of original running shoes models, you can follow Store Express!


WHAT ARE RUNNING SHOES? Running shoes are the name given to the types of sneakers that support the foot perfectly by gripping it very well and aim to increase running performance. CAN RUNNING SHOES BE WORN DAILY? Wearing running shoes daily can tire the foot because running shoes are not designed for everyday activities such as walking. CAN RUNNING SHOES BE USED FOR SPORTS? Running shoes are shoes with high ground retention but are less flexible compared to other sneakers. For this reason, it is not right to use running shoes when doing sports that require flexible soled shoes. WHAT SHOULD A RUNNING SHOE SOLE LOOK LIKE? The most prominent feature of running shoes is their specially designed soles. These bases have multi-layer shock absorbing properties. Sometimes we can also find that padded air soles are used in running shoes. The sole of the running shoe should definitely be multi-layered shock-absorbing and anti-slip.

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