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Undoubtedly one of the most preferred types of shoes among Iraqi women's shoes is sneakers. Sneakers are an integral part of daily wear. Iraqi women's sneakers will be the right choice for those who want to complement their unique comfort throughout the day with shoes that can easily adapt to every clothing style. Store Express is the right address to find the one that suits your taste and budget among the stylish and comfortable sneakers models that will keep you comfortable all day long, protect your foot health and integrate with your unique clothing style!



Iraqi women's sneakers have dozens of models made from many different materials. Leather sneakers stand out with their high protection against adverse weather conditions, especially among the Iraqi women's winter sneaker models, while rubber models can be safely preferred in all seasons. While canvas sneakers are frequently used in the spring months thanks to their airborne and light structure, they are among the most comfortable shoes that can be preferred in the summer months as Iraqi women's summer sneaker models. Steel knitted mesh fabric sneakers, on the other hand, are among the most preferred sneaker models of the recent period with their anatomical and orthopedic structures that can be fully integrated with the foot and lightweight structures that can be preferred seasonally.


The materials from which the soles used in the northern Iraqi women's sneaker varieties are generally polyurethane, which stands out with its impact absorption feature, and the rubber materials that are frequently preferred due to the comfort it provides. In addition to these, sole heights and models are also among the features related to sneaker soles. Low soles are used in sneakers, especially in steel knitted mesh shoe models, to emphasize lightness and ensure full integration with the foot. In many northern Iraq women's sneakers models, standard height soles are preferred. With the high sole shoes coming to the forefront with the latest trends, it is also possible to find sneakers with a high heel or the entire sole. While flat soles are generally found on sneaker soles, it is also possible to find cushioned soles that aim to provide high comfort throughout the day by distributing the weight evenly on the sole of the shoe. In addition, the use of serrated soles, especially in winter sneakers, is a method used to adapt to the rising trends in the recent period. You can also consider the sole features to find the one that suits your taste and comfort among Iraqi women's stylish sneakers models.


There are a number of factors to consider when choosing sneakers that can help you extend the life of the shoe by protecting your foot health, comfort and elegance. The first of these factors is the season in which you will use the shoes. If you are planning to buy a sneaker to use in the fall and winter months, you can choose sneakers made of waterproof, leather material. In this way, you will get the highest performance from the shoe in daily use. In the summer months, sneakers with mesh fabric will prevent your feet from sweating and the shoe from making odor, so it will provide a more advantageous use. The areas where you will use sneakers are also among the factors that affect your choice of sneakers. If you are going to buy sneakers for daily use only, lightness and comfort will be the prominent criteria. However, if you plan to use the sneakers you will choose in various sports activities; You should also look for some features that increase sports performance and reduce the risk of injury during sports, such as sole thickness, ground grip, ankle support, sole cushioning. The mold of the sneaker is also among the factors that can affect your preference. People's foot structures may differ from each other and therefore the shoe model that will adapt to each foot structure will also vary. The width of the toe of the shoe is an important factor that will vary according to the foot structure and provides comfort during use. Your clothing style is among the most important factors affecting the sneaker model you choose. You can benefit from sneakers for sports stylish combinations in daily wear, or you can choose a classic sneaker suitable for use in office environments among the models of Iraqi women's sneakers.


Iraqi women's sneaker prices will vary depending on the brand and model of the sneaker you choose and the material used in the production of the shoe. Don't forget to browse Store Express to find the stylish and original sneakers of the world's giant Iraqi women's sneaker brands that fit your budget!


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WHAT ARE WOMEN'S SHOE MODELS? Women's shoe models can be grouped as high heels, classic shoes, casual shoes, boots, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals and slippers. WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF SNEAKERS? The range of sneakers is quite wide. In addition to sneakers suitable for daily use, there are also sneaker models such as tennis shoes, running shoes, climbing shoes, which are specially designed to increase performance in various sports and protect against possible injuries. WHAT SHOULD A GOOD SPORTS SHOE LOOK LIKE? There are some features that a good sneaker should have. The first of these is that the shoe is made of breathable and non-sweating material. The stitches of the shoe should be located in areas that will not disturb the foot and should be strong. The sole of the shoe should be flexible and durable. It is also an important feature that the upper sole of the shoe has an orthopedic sole suitable for foot curves. In addition, the shoe should support the ankle at the right points. WHAT IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE SNEAKER SOLE? The most comfortable soles in sneakers are cushioned soles called "air soles".

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