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Tables are the places where we spend time with our loved ones or go on a magical journey with delicious food, perhaps sharing our most special moments. In order to give the tables a stylish and elegant line, the tableware used is also of great importance. Iraqi cutlery and knife sets are among the tableware that determine the elegance of your table. Iraqi cutlery models with different design features and usage methods can adapt to every table and every style. Store Express is the right address for quality and stylish cutlery sets that provide long-lasting use, offering you the original products of world-famous brands with high quality guarantee and affordable price assurance, with a wide range of options!


Iraqi cutlery set models are divided into sets suitable for daily use and sets suitable for elegant tables. Iraqi daily cutlery models are products that have more sporty lines and stand out with their thin and light structures. The number of pieces in this type of cutlery, which may also contain ceramic details, is also less. These sets, which usually consist of dinner forks and spoons, dessert spoons and forks, knives and teaspoons, can be used in harmony with different dinner sets and styles. This type of cutlery is usually sold with stands suitable for daily use. Iraqi stylish cutlery sets may differ in terms of design and the number of pieces in the set. Made of thicker and heavier materials, this type of cutlery stands out with its metallic colors and classic design lines. It is also possible to come across additional pieces such as serving spoons that may be needed to be used at the table in this type of sets with a wide variety of parts. This type of cutlery is usually sold in leather or wooden chests. It is very important to store the products in their own packaging for long-lasting use. Store Express is the right address to find the one that suits your style and needs among the stylish cutlery sets that stand out with their different design features!


Cutlery sets are among the elements that complement the elegance of the tables. It would be the right behavior to choose cutlery sets where long-lasting and functional use meets elegance. In this context, how to choose the right cutlery set is among the curious issues. The first point to consider when choosing a cutlery set is the material from which the products you choose are made. Many cutlery sets are made of stainless steel. In order to determine the quality of the set you choose, you can pay attention to the phrase "304 steel" or "18/10" on the set box. This indicates that 18 percent chromium is used in the products you choose and that the product contains nickel alloy. Therefore, you can determine that the product you have chosen is of high quality with the help of these phrases.

Another point to consider when choosing a cutlery set is the number of pieces in the set you choose. Sets that are generally designed for daily use are Iraqi twelve-piece cutlery sets or Iraqi eighteen-piece cutlery sets. Iraqi eighty-seven piece cutlery sets and Iraqi one hundred and thirty-eight piece cutlery sets have a more comprehensive set content and therefore a wider usage area.

You should also pay attention to the design features of the cutlery you choose. To identify quality cutlery sets that provide long-lasting use, you can make sure that the set includes products with a thickness of at least three millimeters. This feature helps to ensure that the pieces in the set do not bend and twist easily and are not too light. The patterns on the cutlery you choose are also an important factor. Washing patterned cutlery in the dishwasher can cause the pieces in the set to wear out quickly. For this reason, patterned cutlery sets may lose their practical use. Nevertheless, you can choose carved cutlery sets for cutlery sets that will bring elegance to your table.

It is also of great importance that the products in the cutlery set you choose are dishwasher safe, made of stainless steel and do not contain aluminum, scratch resistant, and stain resistant. For longer use, do not forget to keep the sets you choose in their original packaging and polish them periodically.


Iraqi cutlery prices vary depending on the brand, model and features of the product you choose. Follow Store Express to be informed about campaigns and choose the products you need from a wide range of original products from world-famous brands at prices that fit your budget!



The points that people who will buy cutlery sets should pay attention to are among the curious issues. The first point to consider when buying cutlery is the material from which the set you choose is produced. Stainless steel sets stand out with their long-lasting and healthy use. The phrases on the product you choose, indicating the alloy from which the set is made, are also very important. Sets with the phrase "18/10" or "304 steel" are the best quality sets. Another point to consider is the thickness of the cutlery set. Products with a thickness of at least three millimeters should be preferred for easy bending and long-lasting use. The weight of the products in the set you choose is also an important factor. Products that are too light do not provide a stylish use, but products that are too heavy are not practical to use. You should also pay attention to the patterns of the cutlery you choose.


One of the issues that people who are going to buy cutlery sets wonder is how they can find the best quality cutlery set. There are several methods that can be used to test the quality of a cutlery set. The first of these is to check the metal alloys of the products in the set. If the cutlery set you buy is labeled "18/10", it means that the set you have chosen is made of high quality alloy. At the same time, the phrase "304 steel" indicates that you have chosen a quality cutlery set. Another thing you need to do to buy a quality cutlery set is to check the thickness of the products you choose. Forks and spoons that bend and twist easily do not create a stylish appearance. Forks and spoons with a thickness of over three millimeters do not bend and can keep their shape for a long time.


Ceramic products are one of the tableware products that have become widespread and started to find a place for themselves more frequently, especially in recent years. Ceramic knives have become one of the most preferred kitchen products both in the kitchen and on the table. Ceramic knives stand out with their durability and elegance. Easy to clean and functional, ceramic knives also stand out with their different design features.


The most commonly used materials in tableware and kitchen utensils are steel and titanium. Therefore, in the minds of people who will choose kitchen utensils and tableware; the different aspects of these two materials pose a big question mark. Titanium tableware products stand out with their corrosion resistance and long-lasting use. Titanium tableware, which is lighter than steel, lags behind steel in terms of prevalence. The most commonly used tableware is produced with a steel coating. These products provide durable and hygienic use. Steel tableware products, which are quite diverse, stand out with their different designs and stylish models.


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