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Hair care routines must be followed in order for the hair to be healthy and well-groomed. Hair care routines consist of cleansing, nourishing, moisturizing and styling steps. The use of products suitable for hair type and hair needs in these steps is among the factors that increase the quality of the hair. For cleaning, which is the basic step of hair care routines, Iraqi different types of shampoo are used. Shampoos are products that purify the scalp from various factors such as dust, oil and dirt, soften and shine the hair. Store Express is the right address to choose shampoos suitable for your hair type and needs from a wide range of original products of world-famous brands, with quality product assurance and reasonable price guarantee !


Shampoos are cleaning products used to purify the scalp and hair from negative factors. Shampoos used for cleaning, which is an important step in hair care, also help to care for the hair from various angles. There are many different types of shampoos that can be used to make different hair types healthier and more well-groomed. Iraqi shampoo models are usually distinguished from each other according to the hair types they are suitable for. Iraqi Shampoos for Iraqi dry and damaged hair help to gently purify and moisturize the hair. Enriched with natural oils and supported with vitamins, shampoos suitable for dry hair nourish and moisturize the scalp. Iraqi Shampoo varieties for Iraqi oily hair help cleanse the scalp of excess oil and moisturize the hair. Shampoos for oily hair that refresh the scalp often contain refreshing ingredients such as nettle and menthol. Iraqi Shampoos suitable for all hair types are preferred by people who do not have serious scalp or hair problems. These types of shampoos, which purify the scalp and moisturize and nourish the hair, do not directly focus on a hair problem. In addition to these shampoo types, it is also possible to encounter shampoos with special functions. Iraqi Shampoos dyed hair contain many vitamins and natural oils to moisturize and repair hair that is dry and damaged due to the dyeing process. Special shampoos for dyed hair, designed to give hair silky softness and healthy shine, also help preserve colors for a long time. Iraqi anti-dandruff shampoos are also used by people who have dandruff problems on their scalp. These shampoos, which are designed to purify the scalp from dandruff, refresh, moisturize and prevent dandruff, aim to deeply clean the hair. Iraqi hair loss shampoos are products that contain various natural oils such as garlic oil. This type of shampoo, which helps to prevent hair loss, strengthen the scalp and nourish the hair follicles, also triggers the growth of new hair and makes the hair look fuller. Iraqi hair growth-accelerating shampoo types are products that nourish the hair with its ingredients consisting of horsetail and various natural oils, accelerate hair growth and ensure the growth of new hair.


There are some points to consider when choosing among shampoo types, which are an important part of hair care routines. The first of these is that the shampoo you choose is suitable for your hair type. Iraqi Shampoos are usually designed to be suitable for dry, oily, treated, normal hair with or without dandruff problems. Therefore, the effects of shampoos will develop in line with the care these hair types need.

Another point to consider is the hair and scalp problems you are experiencing. If you have dry hair, you should prefer deeply moisturizing shampoos, anti-dandruff shampoos are ideal for dandruff problem.

You should not neglect to check the content of the shampoo you choose. It is recommended that you do not choose shampoos containing chemical and allergen contents such as paraben , salt, sulfate, SLS, SLES, alcohol, perfume. These chemicals not only have negative effects on the scalp and hair, but also cause various health problems. For this reason, it is recommended to choose shampoos with natural ingredients as much as possible.

It is also very important that the shampoo you choose has a pH value compatible with the scalp . Shampoos with a pH of less than 5.5 can cause scalp irritation and dry hair.

You should also pay attention to whether the shampoo you choose is a cream shampoo. Creamy shampoos are products that combine the moisturizing effect of conditioners and the cleaning effect of shampoos. Creamy shampoos can create a feeling of heaviness in fine hair. For thick and especially curly hair, creamy shampoos create a positive feeling thanks to their intense moisturizing effects. If you have oily hair, you should prefer refreshing shampoos instead of cream shampoos, while for dry hair, creamy shampoos can be a preference.


Iraqi shampoo prices vary according to the brand and features of the product you choose. Follow Store Express to be informed about the campaigns and to choose the products you need from a wide range of original products of world-famous brands and get them at affordable prices !



Shampoo types are usually separated from each other according to hair types. Accordingly, it is possible to divide the shampoo types into shampoos for dry and damaged hair, shampoos suitable for all hair types, shampoos for oily hair, shampoos for processed dyed hair and shampoos for hair with dandruff problem.


The first point to consider when buying shampoo is the type of hair that the shampoo is suitable for. Although the main purpose of shampoos is to clean the scalp, shampoos can also be used to heal various scalp and hair problems. For this reason, shampoos designed to solve your hair problems are among the recommended shampoos. When buying shampoo, you should also pay attention to the content of the shampoo you choose. Chemical free; Natural shampoos that do not contain paraben , alcohol, sulfate, salt, SLS and SLES should be preferred.


Shampoos are among the products that are important for hair care. There are several ways to understand that the shampoo you choose is best for you. The first of these is that the shampoo you choose is suitable for your hair type. Shampoos developed to solve the scalp and hair problems you are experiencing are also the right options. Natural -based shampoos that do not contain chemicals can also be listed among the good shampoos for you.


Shampoos are products that purify residues such as dust, dirt, oil accumulated on the scalp and clean and moisturize the hair. Shampoos are applied to the wet scalp and foam up during this time. The main ingredient that makes shampoos foam is a chemical called SLS. Shampoos with a high content of SLS foam a lot. Just because the shampoo lathers a lot doesn't mean it cleans well. On the contrary, high foaming shampoos contain more chemicals. For this reason, it is recommended not to choose shampoos that foam too much. When choosing a shampoo, it is recommended to choose shampoos that do not contain SLS.

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