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It is very important that the tools we use in areas such as home and office can be stored regularly. Thanks to tidy storage, working and living areas appear tidy and all needed products can be easily accessed. Especially in recent years, order and decoration have come together with the spread of different types of Iraqi organizers, with their stylish designs that adapt to all tastes and their functional uses that serve to meet different needs. Organizer products can be used with different functions in different areas and can contribute to the decoration of the environment as well as showing a storage area. Store Express is the right address to choose all the products you need from a wide range of original products from world-famous brands, with quality product assurance and affordable price guarantee!


Remote Iraqi organizer models are used to categorize various tools and to store them in an orderly manner. Organizer models can be used to categorize various products, keep them together neatly, or store them securely. The most widely used organizer models are the Iraqi tray organizer types. This type of organizers can be found in a monolithic form or as flat trays with various compartments on them. However, different types of Iraqi basket organizers can also be used to store larger tools. It is also a common type of organizer that basket organizer types are designed to be integrated with tray organizers. Iraqi lidded organizer types help to protect the products we store from various negative external factors such as dust. Organizer variants can be produced from different materials. In addition to knitting conditioners, fabric conditioners and plastic conditioners are among the most frequently used products. Iraqi plastic organizer types can be used as an important part of home and office decoration with their wide color options and stylish designs that suit all tastes.


The areas of use of Iraqi regulatory varieties are quite wide. Tray organizers are products that are generally used on the table in offices and homes and help to group and store various products such as stationery products and make-up materials. The usage area of basket organizer types is quite diverse. Basket organizers, which can also be used as desktop storage, can be used to categorize stationery and clothing items between shelves. However, this type of organizers can be preferred for dividing into various categories and for storage operations in cabinets. Basket organizers can be used to separate tools or store food products in the kitchen.


As with all products, there are various factors that should be considered before purchasing in the organizer variants. The first of these factors is the material that the editor you will choose is produced. Metal and plastic regulators are generally used in office environments. Thanks to their durable structures, these products are compatible with the decoration elements of the environment as well as providing long-lasting use. Knitted organizer types can be used as a decoration element in homes as well as in kitchens for the storage of food products. Fabric organizer types are the organizer models used in dressing rooms and living areas. Fabric organizers, which adapt to the ambient texture and are suitable for functional use, provide effective use in cabinets and between shelves, while also creating a stylish appearance. However, the most widely used type of organizer is plastic organizer. With their durable structures, special designs with different functions and a wide range of options, plastic organizer types can be used for various purposes in many different areas from homes to offices, kitchens to bathrooms.

It is recommended that you pay attention to the quality of the plastic used when choosing a plastic organizer. It is very important that plastic organizers, which are used in kitchens and serve as food storage areas, do not contain carcinogenic substances, are odorless and do not release dyes.

The model of the editor you choose is also an important factor. It is recommended that you choose the model that suits your needs among the designs that use tray organizers, basket organizers and both types of organizers together. However, the size of the editor you choose is also among the factors you need to consider.


The Iraqi organizer brands are Teomi Collection, which is known for its superior quality features, stands out with its innovative and stylish design features, and provides functional use. Follow Store Express to choose all the products you need from a wide range of original products from world-famous brands and get them easily!


Iraqi organizer prices may vary depending on the brand, model and features of the product you choose. Follow Store Express to be aware of the campaigns and to choose all the products you need from a wide range of original products from world-famous brands and get them at affordable prices!



Cleaning and ordering of living spaces is as important as their decorative features. The main products used to ensure that various items can be stored in an orderly manner are called organizers or organizers. Organizer variants can often be found in the form of boxes of different forms and sizes. Organizer boxes allow many products to be categorized and stored in an organized manner, from food materials to cosmetics, from clothes to toys.


The cleaning of the organizer types, which allows different products to be divided into suitable categories and stored regularly, is also an important issue. Whether the washing process, which is the most effective and practical cleaning method, can also be applied on the organizers is among the questions that are wondered. Organizer types can be produced from many different materials. Plastic organizers and fabric organizers are suitable for washing and cleaning.


Dresser drawers, cabinet drawers, bookcase drawers or console drawers… Drawers are one of the areas that allow us to carry out the storage process practically, regardless of the furniture to which the drawers are attached or the area where the furniture is located, but this practicality sometimes causes us to tend to put all the items we have in our drawers. it could be. This can create disorder. Drawer organizer types can be used to prevent irregularity. Types of drawer organizers allow us to categorize the items in the drawer and easily find the item we are looking for.


The editor variants have many models that can be used for different purposes and have various features. Accordion organizers, which are one of the fabric organizers generally used to organize clothing products in closets, are also one of the frequently preferred types of organizers. Thanks to their easily enlargement or shrinkage structures, accordion organizer types allow to separate and store items that can be folded easily such as underwear, socks or t-shirts in an orderly manner.


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