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Cleaning and hygiene are very important in frequently used areas such as home and office. Many tools and equipment such as vacuum cleaners and cleaning kits are among the products that are frequently preferred for cleaning works. It is among the important criteria that cleaning tools provide effective cleaning and are suitable for practical use. In addition to traditional cleaning methods and cleaning tools, Iraq steam cleaners are one of the cleaning tools that has come to the fore in recent years, especially with its high hygiene and ease of use. Steam cleaners can be used for daily cleaning in several different environments, as well as to effectively clean various dirt on different surfaces and to provide high hygiene.

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Steam cleaning machines have two types which were developed to suit different needs. Iraq steam cleaners are classified according to the steam they produce during cleaning. Accordingly, it can be said that the first of the steam cleaner types is the iraq dry steam cleaners.

Dry steam cleaners are also known as classic models. This type of steam cleaning machines operate by boiling the water put into the chambers and spraying with high pressure. At the same time, boiled water can be put into this type of machine. In this way, you do not have to wait for the machine to boil the water. The steam produced by dry steam cleaners is hot, has high disinfecting and dirt removing properties.

Another type of steam cleaner is iraq cold steam cleaners. In this type of steam cleaning machines, water is not boiled, so the steam produced is not hot. Cold steam cleaning machines, which provide safe and practical cleaning, may be insufficient in eliminating bacteria and removing mold. Because the water used in this type of steam cleaning machine is cold, there is no disinfecting feature.


Models of Iraq steam cleaners are classified by their sizze. Accordingly, it can be said that there are three different steam cleaner models basically. The first model of the steam cleaners is the handheld steam cleaner models. This type of steam cleaners stand out with their lightness and ease of use. Handheld steam cleaners, which can be used to quickly clean small surfaces, have a small water tank. Another model of the steam cleaners is the iraq steam mops, which is at the same time the most frequently used model among steam cleaners. These products, also known as Iraqi steam floor wipers or Iraqi steam vacuum cleaners, are ideal products for effectively cleaning and wiping different surfaces. These products, which can stand upright, are not only easy to transport and store, but also provide versatile use and are ideal for daily use. The steam cleaner model, which can be preferred by those who want to benefit from the steam power while cleaning deeply, are the iraq steam cleaning machines. These products have different heads and cleaning modes to clean many different surfaces in the most effective way. These types of products, which are also frequently used in professional cleaning services, are usually more expensive than the first two models in terms of price.



Steam cleaners have become one of the cleaning tools that should be found in every home today and at the same time steam cleaners are among the most preferred cleaning tools. There are many reasons of this situation. The first one of these reasons is the use of steam cleaners on different materials such as glass, marble, wood; it provides effective cleaning in different areas such as carpets, curtains, armchairs and on various surfaces such as walls, ceilings and floors. Moreover steam cleaners can be used for cleaning in areas such as oven glass and stove surface. Another advantage of steam cleaners is their practicality in daily use. These tools, which can perfectly clean even the narrowest spaces with their easy maneuverability and lightness, are also very advantageous for people with allergies, households with pets and families with babies. Steam cleaners, which provide effective cleaning on mites, mites, dust, mold, bacteria and animal hair, can remove even the most stubborn dirt in seconds. Steam cleaners, which also help to eliminate bad odors in the environment, are also friendly to the environment and your budget. Steam cleaners which stand out with their high energy efficiency will be your number one assistant in new generation cleaning!


As with every technological tool, there are various points to consider when choosing steam cleaning machines. The first one is the type of steam engine. You have to choose between dry steam cleaners or cold steam cleaners according to your needs and intended use. Another factor to consider is the model of the steam engine. Although most of the steam machines provide effective cleaning on every surface, you should choose the steam cleaning machine that is suitable for you according to the practicality of use. The engine power of the steam cleaner you choose is also a very important factor. Engine power is indicated in “watts” and steam cleaners with high engine power can produce steam at higher pressure and at the same time provide faster cleaning. The capacity of the water tank of steam cleaning machines is also very important. The capacity of the water tank directly affects the water you can fill in the machine in one go and therefore the cleaning performance. The steam cleaner or dry steam cleaner you will choose has the features that will provide practicality during cleaning, with the fact that it boils the water in its reservoir quickly and has an LED light that informs you when the water is ready. Paying attention to the fact that the steam cleaning machine you will choose has the feature of adjusting the steam density will also provide advantageous use. With the feature of adjusting the steam density, you can perform a more effective and efficient cleaning by spraying the appropriate amount of steam on different surfaces and different dirt.


The prices of iraq steam cleaner will vary depending on the brand, model and features of the steam cleaning machine that you choose. If you want to be informed about the campaigns and take advantage of discounted iraq steam cleaners, follow Store Express!



Cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces and tools with hot water and steam is one of the cleaning methods used for many years. This method was combined with today's technology and steam cleaner tools emerged. Steam cleaners use high-temperature and pressurized steam to clean a variety of surfaces. While steam helps to easily clean the dirt on the surface by swelling it, it also provides high hygiene.


Steam cleaners are the name given to the tools that use the power of steam for surface cleaning. Steam cleaners work by boiling the water put in their chambers and combining the obtained steam power with high pressure.


Although steam cleaners can provide effective cleaning on many surfaces with the high steam power they produce, many people wonder whether detergent can be added to these tools to provide deep cleaning and high hygiene. The answer to this question will vary depending on the model of the steam cleaner you choose. Although most steam cleaners do not add any substance other than water, some steam cleaner models can add detergent. Depending on the materials you use for cleaning, it may be okay to add various substances such as vinegar and baking soda to some steam cleaners. For detailed information, it is recommended to review the user manual of the steam cleaner you have chosen.


Steam cleaning machines are among the preferred cleaning tools in many homes. Steam cleaners, which can easily clean various stains and dirt on different surfaces, can be safely used for cleaning on many surfaces such as walls, carpets, parquet.

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